Clint Eastwood | Total Amount: At least $ 10.032 million

Having immortalized the moniker Dirty Harry from his role in the eponymous films, Clint Eastwood has made a name for himself in Hollywood. Throughout the ‘70s to ‘80s, he saw his fame and influence increase consistently. With all of his projects, he also won several accolades, including four Academy Awards and four Golden Globe Awards.

Eastwood has maintained a lavish lifestyle despite having no significant projects in the pipeline because of his accumulated wealth. Over the years, he has collected a number of cars, including several vintage vehicles. Some of them are an Austin Healey 100M and a Cadillac Eldorado Series 62 convertible. He also listed his Pebble Beach Estate for $9.75 million, not because he could not afford the mortgage but because he simply has too many real estate properties. Eastwood’s exclusive house sits on a 4.7-acre gated property in the more private nooks of Pebble Beach.