What Do Celebrities’ House and Lavish Cars Look Like

Shaq | Total Amount: At least $ 16.690 million

Retired NBA player Shaquille Rashaun O’Neal, or usually referred to as Shaq, has not really slowed down since he got off the court. In fact, his business career just flourished right after. In addition to his business interests, his basketball career and acting, he has already released four rap albums, with the first one, Shaq Diesel reaching platinum status. Isn’t that cool?

Given his wealth, it is normal for Shaq to have many houses, but one that is very close to his heart is a home he bought back in 1993 for no more than $4 million. It is now valued at $16.5 million, and Shaq has prepared himself to give up his home with a 17-car garage. If we ever wander into his garage, we would see a variety of cars in there, including a Ford F150, which is fitting for someone his size. We could only imagine the insurance he has to pay for these vehicles.